Can any one explain what manifestbak file is

Hi experts,
I see manifest.bak file in my package along with manifest.v3 file.can some body plz tell me what manifest.bak file is ?I dont see it in some packages…Thanks in advance


RMG or somebody please help

The manifest.bak file is created when there is a change in the manifest.v3 file. If there is no change, there is no bak. For the most part, that 1KB of data contained in the .bak file can be deleted.

Thanks, can .bak file be deleted? what is the use of .bak file ? was it related to package(I.e if i make any changes to .bak file will it effect the package).Thanks in advance


i found manifest.rel file too…where can i find detailed description of manifest.v3,manifest.rel,manifest.bak and manifest.rel.bak files…Some one please explain.Thanks in advance


There is no detail description documented…but basically you have to digg in the file and understand that usage.

Let c if anyone have documented about these items.


Thanks for your comments RMG…Any other comments from other users?

As the name suggests, .bak is the backup file and .rel is the release file;

manifest.rel file is used when you use the publish/subscribe functionality within webMethods to migrate packages; also when you archive the packages for release purposes (like creating patches etc)


Thank you Saurabh…anycomments from other users?