Bug when deleting measurements via API

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing a bug, especially with the C8Y Device Management App

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Backend: 1010.0.12
UI: 1010.0.3
Firefox 93.0 (64-bit)

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

Remove a Measurement with all its data Points

I’m deleting all Data Points of a Measurement via API
eg: DELETE {{url}}/measurement/measurements?dateTo=2021-10-21T8:00:00.000Z&dateFrom=2021-10-21T7:00:00.000Z&source=79530053&type=c8y_TemperatureMeasurement

The Measurement/Series still appear in {{url}}/inventory/managedObjects/79530053/supportedSeries
(even after 2h )

When viewing with the browser on DeviceManagement/Device/Measurements none of the measurements of the device loads (not even the unaffected ones) and the browser continuously tries to load them, the site freezes.

I think there should be some logic that removes the Measurement completely when it contains has no data anymore. There is nothing to do that in the API.

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