Breadcrumbs are not displaying properly

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new version

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We are creating an application on the top of the application builder. In the asset viewer, we are grouping the pages, but sometimes the breadcrumbs are not updated properly. Example
I’m in the predictive analytics tab, but above breadcrumbs, it shows analytics, so could you please help to fix the issue? @Kai_Sieben

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log fileL

Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Have you installed all the latest fixes for the products and systems you are using?

This might be an issue with the Application Builder.
Can you please create an issue here? Issues · SoftwareAG/cumulocity-app-builder · GitHub

Hi Manojkumar,

What is your Application Builder version?

@Darpankumar_Lalani could you please let me know where to find the version

You Can find in Application Builder Home page.
See below screenshot:

@Darpankumar_Lalani yeah my app builder version is V1.3.2

Thanks Manoj.
This issue is fixed in latest version (1.3.4 and 2.0)
I would suggest you upgrade your app builder to 1.3.4 first.
You can upgrade either using auto upgrade functionality (Upgrade notification in bottom of your page if you are admin and using custom app builder) or by installing manually from Releases · SoftwareAG/cumulocity-app-builder · GitHub


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