Best Practices for naming gateways


This is mostly a visual detail, but is there naming convention on Designer 8.2 for the gateways?

According to some BPMN 2.0 styles, gateways are only named when identifying routing conditions or if their significance is not clear.

I could not find a way to hide a gateway’s name but most of my gateways are pretty self-explanatory so a name only adds to visual clutter and redundancy.

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Gerardo Lisboa

Hi Gerardo,

You’ve made a good point (a few months ago!) about gateway names often being irrelevant and cluttering the model.

Just so you know, in the next release of Designer, we are planning on modifying the editor to allow:

  • Steps with duplicate names
  • Steps with no names at all.

These two changes should allow you to have gateways with no names, and build & upload will not throw errors.

In the meantime, some people have used the (ugly) workaround of naming gateways with an incrementing number of spaces, so the names are both invisible and non-duplicative.

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I think a more simple solution would be something like the “Transition line text” preference in
Windows-»Preferences-»Software AG-»Process Development-»Appearance

I attach here a mockup.

Anyway, there should always be a possibility of changing these properties on the objects themselves (that is, the preference is a default for new objects).

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