Best Mechanism to expose assets to

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What is the best option to choose and expose Rest API (Flow service)/ Rest API (Work Flow) from to ?

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You can use REST API Descriptor generated in to register in API Gateway.

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Thanks for the quick reply . My concern is that " what is the best option to expose
Rest API (Selected Flowservice) or Rest API (Selected work flow service) to the from

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“Best” is a subjective term and requires criteria against which to gauge a possible solution.

If you’re just asking “how”, the docs describe how to define an API within Gateway. @srikanth.prathipati1803 provided a way.

If you really want “best” you’ll need to share much more information about the details of your components so that community participants can judge which option is “better” than another.

When i worked for Software AG, I created some training on Integration REST API builder. It covers two types of API design: Service-First and API-First API.

You can take it for free in the Software AG learning portal:

You need to register and login.
After login, select Catalog from the top menu.
You can select from the left nenu, and in the search field look for: REST

The course is: Integration REST API Builder (CL617C07-75E)

Here’s the direct link to enroll:
(you need to be logged into the learning portal to enroll)


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