Back Monitoring Cumulocity microservices using Flow


Third-party services can be employed to monitor microservices deployed in Cumulocity IoT. One cool tool to achieve such goal is Flow.

This is a small workflow to monitor the health endpoint of a microservice deployed in the Cumulocity IoT platform. If the microservice is not up and running, will notify a Slack channel and create an alarm in Cumulocity.


  • credentials
  • Slack channel to post messages to, Slack app and OAuth token
  • Cumulocity credentials, i.e. a tenant, username and password
  • A Cumulocity microservice deployed and subscribed to the tenant

Cumulocity microservices are server-side applications used to extend the platform with specific functionality. Developers are not restricted to any specific tech stack, however, there are certain requirements that must be met. Review the Microservice SDK guide for more details.

Further Instructions

For further instructions visit the repository at GitHub: builtio-monitoring-cumulocity-microservices

Software AG open code at GitHub.

Forking and pull requests are welcome. For bugs related to the code please create an issue in the Github Repository. For any questions or requests, please post a comment below.