Attachment Panel - Configuration and Modal Problem


I’m using a Attachment panel, however I need to configure it to show only one option to upload a file. How can I configure this control?

I have the Attachment panel in a Modal dialog, however when I click in the Add button of the Attachment panel my modal dialog is also closed, how can I solve this?


That functionality isn’t available out of the box. However, in 8.x you can Customize the Attachment List Panel and after a file is added you might disable the add button.

Again, in 8.x you can Customize the Attachment List Panel, and change the async hidden command to toggle on the Modal Dialog. I’ve demonstrated this in the attached project.

–mark (14.4 KB)


So I can not use the Attachment Panel since I only have the version 7.1.3.

I changed the control for the File Input and File Item, however now I have a new problem.

In the server side I can only have the file, I mean the File Item, is only resolved if I have a Command Button, If I have a Async Command Button than the File Item is always null.

The code to get the File Item is

public org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileItem getFileItemAdicionar()  {
		if (fileItemAdicionar == null) {
			fileItemAdicionar = (org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileItem)resolveExpression("#{fileItem}");
			//TODO: create/set default value here
	    resolveDataBinding(FILEITEMADICIONAR_PROPERTY_BINDINGS, fileItemAdicionar, "fileItemAdicionar", false, false);
		return fileItemAdicionar;

Is there any example that I can see with Async Command Button?

Thanks in Advance

This isn’t possible in the 7.x version of CAF/MWS.