Attachment List DropUploader Applet Security Warning

I’m receiving the the following security warning popup when I load page with an Attachment List Control.

Please review: warning message.png

I clicked on more information, Please review: more info.png

It brought me to this screen, Please review: date expired.png

I was able to see that validity date was set [From: Sun May 24 20:00:00 EDT 2009,
To: Wed May 25 19:59:59 EDT 2011]

How can I get an update the cert? Where can I get an updated cert from with a later validity date?

warning message.png
date expired.png

I would recommend filing a Support Incident.
Regards, --mark

I did and they sent out an engineering fix.

As this is just a demo certificate you should do the following:

  • create your own private key and certificate signing request by using OpenSSL
  • get this certified by your CA-Vendor according to your company´s requirements
  • if you have a custom self-signed CA you can use this one instead
  • import this certificate and the corresponding CA to your MWS.

Remember that the CN-portion of the distinguished name of the certificate needs to match the URL (Host) which is used for access from the browser (set in MWS under Cluster Control → Frontend URL).

MWS 7.1 is using a combined JKS-Store, containing both parts, pk/certificate-pair and CA (the file is named demo.keystore under MWS/server/default/config).
MWS 8.x and above are using a PKCS12-Store for the pk/certificate-pair and a JKS-Store for the CA (these are a located under MWS/server/default/config/security).

See MWS Administration Guide for Details.