Assign measurements to an Asset

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a system where the IoT-Device is just a modem and could attach multiple other Assets, that deliver measurement values to the Modem. The modem shall forward the information to the Cumulocity cloud in behalf of the asset.

1.) How do I assign the measurement value to the asset. I tried source{id…} with the id that I provided in an entry in the inventory list.
An example of an inventory json and a measurement json would definitely help, I think
2.) In which App would I see this asset, (how) can I create a dash board assigned to an asset, is the “Cockpit” the right application for that or is that one restricted to devices?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Frank,

thanks for your question. For a better understanding it would be great to know on which tenant you are doing this.

In general the modem should be the device connected to to Cumulocity and sending out the measurements. So you need to make sure that your assets send the measurements to the modem and the modem is able to sent them to the platform.

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