Ariba PunchoutSetupRequest with TN

I am in the process of configuring the PunchoutSetupRequest Processing Rule using the Config page on the AribaSupplier OnRamp. When I create the PunchoutSetupRequest Processing Rule. On the Config Page it shows me “Created PunchoutSetupRequest Rule processPunchoutSetRequestHandler”. But I could not see the processing rule on the TN Console. In the Server log file I do not see any error message.

Could anyone tell me what would be the reason for the processing rule not appearing on the TN Console.


You need to configure the PunchoutsetupRequest for the TN.since onRamp module can be configured with TN or without TN process.

This process is well explained in the AribaSupplier onRAMP userguide.Please check out in that documentation.



I did configure the PunchoutSetupRequest for the TN. I have followed all the steps mentioned in the OnRamp user guide. I am able to see the Document Types and Document Attributes created on the TN Console. I can’t see the Processing rule for the PunchoutSetupRequest.

Thanks for any help