Ariba OnRamp 2.0 - Test OrderRequest with Attachment anomoly

test environments:

 Windows 2003 Server, Integration Server 6.5, Ariba OnRamp 2.0, default JVM

 HP-UX v11.11, Integration Server 6.5, Ariba OnRamp 2.0, default 64-bit JVM for HPUX PA-RISC.

In playing with the Ariba OnRamp 2.0 Test feature, attempting to use the Attachment feature in the OrderRequest Test module, I’m having some problem testing on the HP-UX environment… just curious if anyone has the ability to repeat these results.

I can succesfully attach documents when Integration Server is hosted on Windows. However, attempts to attach a file using the Ariba OnRamp 2.0 test module fails when IS is hosted on HP-UX v11.11.

On the HP-UX platform, when I use the browse feature to select a file to attach, the path of the file is stripped from the form… when I choose to Create Order Request Message, an error appears that the file can not be found (obvious, since the path has been stripped). In windows, the full path will remain and the attachment will insert in to the Order Request just fine.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour, or do you have the ability to validate this behavior on a UX platform?

What does Support say?


I haven’t asked support yet… since this is just some informal testing, I wanted to get some informal feedback from the community to see if it was just a config anomoly in my test environment, before I submitted an SR.

I’ve tried several different tweaks (running IS as root even), and several different browsers (local using Mozilla & Netscape and typing or browsing the path to the file; or remote using IE, Firefox, and Netscape from a Windows client and manually typing the path)

Click on the “About” link in IS Administrator to confirm the details of the JVM that is being used. Installaer 6.5 should install the correct HP JRE, but it is worth confirming.


Found comments in Installation guide6.5.1,If you have installed a default 64-bit JVM on HPUX system,make sure in the IS/bin/ file to uncomment the JAVA_D64 parameter and save the file.

Restart IS.

Hope you already done this,just in case not.


yep, have done that… 64-bit JVM is loading.