APAMA Documents / PPTs

Hello Experts,

Can you please help I need your urgent help on APAMA?

I’m doing research APAMA about whether it supports following three functionalities for Retail business or not because I’m planning to suggest this product to one of our old Retail client having multi-channel but somewhere missing these functionalities.

  1. Collect geo-location for mobile app users in real time (each app sends position once every X minutes, to be developed by ePoint, other vendor) – this will be a foundation to localization based promotions

  2. Collect information about social media entries from Adobe Social in real time – foundation for recommendations online and information via Customer Service

  3. Real time products recommenders – goal is to present as valid product recommendations on AOL as possible. That means business rules would be built around events like: what products have been recently recommended in social, which products are my customers/downlines looking at online and/or buying, which products are being put to cart right now.

It would be really great help if you can share some technical and functional documents related to Retail business on APAMA.

Also I’m trying to access to the Documents present under the “Apama Documentation” but it requires have Empower login and I’m not a Customer or Partner.

Appreciate your quick help.

Best Regards,
Amit J


Apama supports Geo location API to track the mobile app users. It also provides the connectivity (Integration Adapter Framework) to get the data from popular social media feed. You can analyze the data, interpret the pattern and take an action on the data which can include recommendation of a specific product. You need to register yourself to empower and get the access to the documentation.

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