Apama Correlator default input log file

Hi All,

I wanted to know if there is a way to limit certain event types from being logged in input log file of Apama correlator .


Hi Anshu
We do not support any way to filter out some events types in input log. If we filter out some event types, the usage of input log to reproduce the correlator failures from input log will not make sense.
Can you explain your scenario in more detail, if I can suggest some other option.


Hi Ashish

Thanks .The input log size generated was too large in size per day(35 GB) for our application . So I was just thinking if it could be reduced.But no worries, as of now as we have enough disk space for storing them.


Hi Anshu,

When the input log has become too large, you can rotate the input log.
Rotating the input log means that the correlator closes the current input log and starts sending messages to a new input log.
You can find more details in Apama Documentation “Rotating an input log file”.

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Hi Sasmita

Thanks. We are rotating all the log files every 2 hours. The 35GB I mentioned was combined size of all the input log files in a single day.