Any Eclipse Plugin for Mac OS?

Hi there,

I use Windows in company, and my personal laptop is a MacBook, do anyone have idea about how to code epl on macOS? Sublime text editor is fine but I really love the prefer the Apama Studio Outline area, it helps me to move to the place I want fast. I download the Eclipse for Mac and JDK, and I found the Eclipse is extremely similar with Apama Studio, so I wonder is there any plugin that makes Eclipse to become an Apama Studio on macOS? Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Hi there, Happy New Year!

I’m afraid since there are some native C++ components (not just Java) required by Apama’s Designer plug-in it’s not technically possible to use Designer on any platform that Apama itself doesn’t run on - and to date we just haven’t had much interest in Mac support from our users so Mac support isn’t on the roadmap at present.


Ok Thank you very much for your response!