Anonymous Acl's groups

Hi Experts,

I want to know why Anonymous ACL has the group “local/Everybody” associated with it.

Once I have removed the local/Everybody from the Anonymous ACL’s allow list and suddenly the IS has started asking me the user name and password.I have entered the correct login credentials but it was not allowing me.

So I went into the UNIX backend of the webMethods server and added the “local/Everybody” group to the allow list of Anonymous and the problem has got resolved,but still I am unable to understand whether this is a default configuration webMethods IS or a custom made principle.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Hi Vishnu,
Anonymous ACL has group ‘local/Everybody’. If you you will see user under these groups you will find all the users are listed there. So if you will remove it from allow list then IS will not allow users to log in. Though it might be the case your user under these group may also listed under some other group but if any of the group keeps those user under deny list then IS will not allow them to login. It is expected behaviour.


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