The next generation of Software AG’s iPaaS

In April Software AG unveiled, the next generation of Software AG’s integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), which combines low-code usability with high control of complex integrations and APIs. With an industry-leading set of 300+ supported connectors, this multi-function iPaaS integrates apps, data, APIs, B2B and IoT devices.

Available on multiple cloud infrastructure platforms, eliminates the need for you to perform upgrades, maintenance or fixes as you gain the cloud benefits of cost efficiency, speed, security and flexibility.

Did you know that the platform…

  • Enables hybrid integration on-premises and in the cloud?
  • Has 300+ cloud and on-premises connectors maintained and updated around the clock?
  • Provides a B2B platform in the cloud?
  • Delivers next-generation integration architecture with microservices-backed APIs?
  • Combines low-code usability with high control to enable citizen integrators to build intuitive services quickly?

New features you need to know in Integration Integration is the new name for webMethods Integration Cloud. The April release incorporates an easy-to-use, graphical UI that makes it easy to develop integration workflows, while retaining the advanced orchestration capabilities for complex integrations and APIs. With out-of-the-box recipes and a single set of 300+ connectors to SaaS, on-premises and IoT apps, building services and solutions is faster than ever. New connectors include Salesforce® Streaming & Replay Events, updated Oracle® support for apps adapter, and a JDBC® adapter on the Integration Cloud with certifications for cloud databases such as Amazon® RDS for Oracle and SQL Server as well as Amazon Aurora for MySQL. Cloud deployment continues to be a primary focus for webMethods with new support for webMethods CloudStreams connectors for SaaS applications. Also in the April release is the ability to roll back deployments and command-line support for DevOps automation. Finally, an embedded integration capability even includes conversation agents (chatbots) for apps like Salesforce and Trello®.  

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Our new B2B cloud solution - ‘ B2B’ - delivers B2B Integration as a service. This new release provides security, partner certificate enhancements and simplified onboarding. EDI capabilities provide real-time electronic document exchange supported through UNEDIFACT and ANSI X12 channeled over HTTP and AS2 protocols Plus, partner management provides end-to-end visibility monitoring capabilities.

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The webMethods API Management Platform will be called API. Users of webMethods API Portal will enjoy easier onboarding and application sharing, and communities will be visible in the API gallery. A payments-gateway integration enables monetization of APIs. In webMethods API Gateway, certificate forwarding is now enabled in custom headers. Import/export, staging and promotion have been enhanced to ease the deployment process. webMethods API Microgateway can be federated and now managed from webMethods API Gateway, and additional policies and scoping are available. Both the API Gateway and Microgateway now have Kubernetes® support. And CentraSite now works with API Gateway for a seamless API staging and governance of the API lifecycle.

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