Always alert popping up in Cumulocity app builder

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Once we login in to our application, the alert requesting for us to login even with credentials still displayed.

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Hi @kbmanojkumar
Could you please provide more details about the product/product set used here, it is not clear from the description.
Also provide exact product versions and fix levels.



Also please provide if it is installed on-prem/docker or if it is hosted in cloud and if there is a Load Balancer involved. This usually happens to some of the products that are receiving the traffic from load balancer when you don’t persist the session data and if the LB switches nodes when session is open. Usual fix for this problem is to save session data to a shared environment or make sessions stick to nodes from load balancer.

When we are opening our application it is asking us to log in again even login still the alert box is appearing and our application builder version is v1.3.2. let me know further details you required.

I’m afraid the products used are not clear , Are you referring to application builder for cumulocity ?

If yes, the right tags can be added. This is currently tagged under webMethods -b2b, cloud.

yes cumulocity app builder

Tagging cumulocity-iot