Alfabet: What’s new in 10.1

Alfabet 10.1 release announcement

Alfabet 10.1 continues our focus on enabling customers to keep pace with the requirements of digitalization: increased agility, greater productivity, transparent integration and sturdier compliance. It offers new features for the recently introduced operational project management to give our customers a start into agile strategic planning and bimodal IT delivery. The release provides reporting enhancements and new visualizations for faster and better informed decision-making for business users. Further, integration between Alfabet and Software AG’s webMethods API portal and gateway will help customers turn APIs into strategic assets and harness their power to drive IT-fueled business innovation. Lastly, capture and analysis of legal entities in an architectural and portfolio context provides greater insight and an efficient response capability for regulatory compliance, for example, for recovery and resolution planning.

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Operational project management enhancements:

Benefits tracking measures project success based on business value to demonstrate value delivered to business. Flexible yet simple timesheet submission and approval processes close the loop on project execution monitoring.

Reporting enhancements:

End-user report design generates tabular reports in any layout, including dynamic filtering, coloring and picture assignment. The directed graph helps to better understand dependencies in the architecture with a richer set of representation options. Combo charts add context to evaluations by combining several graphs into a single view.

API portfolio management enhancements:

Integration with webMethods API Portal enables customers to participate in the API economy by exposing APIs and even start promoting planned APIs while they are still in the planning phase. Integration with webMethods API Gateway captures information on ratings, likes, comments, requirements and more for active APIs to support evaluation of how APIs are being used–by who, how often and any exceptions.

Planning and portfolio management for legal entities:

New objects and concepts facilitate identification of legal ownership supporting assessment and planning of the legal ownership structure as well as impact analysis of legal ownership changes.

Look for the new Alfabet 10.1 features overview fact sheet for more details. Coming soon!