Adapter Service statistics

Hi all,
We have a requirement wherein we want to know
what is the time taken by an adapter service to complete a request,
no of failures in a day by the same service.
Any suggestions?

Few options:
You can put a debug log with in a wrapper service having with capturing start/end time stamps that puts in the server logs or enable service auditing (best bet) where you calling that AS with in a flow service or check the service usage page via IS Admin.


May be this package could help you, but it will cost much memory if the server run for a long time.±+how+to+easly+monitor+the+service+activity+on+your+Integration+Server

You can change the audit settings at adapter service level:

Enable Auditing - Always
Log on - error, success and start.

This will log the start and finish of your adapter service and you can check success or failure as well as time taken from IS Coreaudit schema, wmservice table or service logs from admin page