Adabas & Natural new 2050 agenda

Issue 4, 2016                                                                                   Download PDF

Harnessing the innovation potential provided by digitalization 

With “Adabas & Natural 2050” Software AG is fully supporting customers in harnessing the innovation potential provided by digitalization. This total customer centric approach includes the long-term objective of further developing Adabas & Natural products and services and the provision of IT skills during the current, industry-wide “generational change”.

What´s this “agenda” all about?

The entire software industry is facing a generational change and a possible shortage in the skills and experience needed to support and extend decades of enterprise application development. Therefore, Software AG introduced the “Adabas & Natural 2050” agenda to support and further develop its Adabas & Natural product portfolio until and beyond the year 2050. This unprecedented industry move also is in response to a recent independent survey highlighting that 98 percent of Adabas & Natural customers base their strategic, mission- or business-critical business applications on the high-performance platform. 

Comprehensive service portfolio

By leveraging its full range of digitalization capabilities to Adabas & Natural enterprise applications, Software AG is launching a comprehensive Adabas & Natural service portfolio to support customers in training new talents, as well as modernizing, managing and operating their applications. It is designed to complement customer resources in addressing the generational change being faced by the whole software industry. The recently launched Adabas & Natural Managed Services program provides everything that is needed to protect investments and securely extend the lifecycle of mission-critical applications – using services such as remote DBA, application maintenance or operation support.

Strategic acquisition of CONNX

Software AG also widens its agenda by including strategic technology in the area of data integration and replication with the acquisition of CONNX Solutions. The acquisition of CONNX Solutions enables Software AG to retain access to key Adabas & Natural SQL technology and skills over the coming decades.

New product capabilities

New Adabas & Natural product releases and capabilities, as outlined in the recent Adabas & Natural Statement of Direction 2020 White Paper

  • Mobile - Adding responsive Web design capabilities to quickly develop mobile-optimized Web-AJAX applications with Natural
  • Big Data - Replicate Adabas data in real-time into Terracotta In-memory to enable internet scale applications and services and integration with Apama Streaming Analytics to develop analytic solutions with real-time insights and decisions
  • DevOps - Extended capabilities to improve DevOps tasks in the EclipseTM-based NaturalONE (e.g., GIT support, profiling, testing)

To learn more, watch the webcast Future Ready - New “Adabas & Natural 2050” Agenda powered by CONNX.