A new way to buy services

Spend the remaining 2017 budget on your future needs

The Customer Success Package is the ideal solution to support your day-to-day business effectively: analyze your requirements, avoid escalations and outsource activities. Internal procurement processes can be cumbersome and challenging. However, with the purchase of the Customer Success Package, you can complete the procurement process only once and leverage any remaining credits for consulting, training and support. A customer service central point of contact is available to guide you through this process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

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Customer Success Package

The last quarter of this year has begun, and surely you are already working on the planning for 2018 on top of managing the tasks of the current year. Like many other customers, you could also benefit from the new Customer Success Package service model. It provides the quickest and most straightforward way to obtain consulting services. Once activated, it enables the short-term call-off of urgently needed services.

A quota of credit points is purchased initially in order to provide for called-off services.

Credit points remain valid for 12, 24 or even 36 months. This means that you can ensure a stable operation of your Software AG solutions in 2018 and even pre-finance upcoming (upgrade) projects TODAY.

In addition to simplified billing, the Customer Success Package comes with a service catalog that provides predefined services for both the proactive securing of operational operations as well as for upcoming projects to increase business success. Individual services are also possible.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility — choose whatever services you need, for example, help with an upgrade, training new employees or when staff is on vacation
  • No waiting — get services faster without going through another purchasing cycle
  • Convenience — one-stop shopping for consulting, assistance and training with a single point of contact from request till delivery: your dedicated Engagement Manager
  • Higher productivity — by leveraging our best practices, expertise and decades of experience working with hundreds of customer

Figure. 1: How the package works

Simple purchasing, flexible consumption

Ordering Software AG consulting, assistance and training services is now faster and easier than ever. With the all-in-one Customer Success Package, you purchase credits only once and then redeem those credits at any time during that period. No more going back to purchasing for approval!

Learn more

Just contact your local account manager or send an email.
You can also visit our website, have a look at the services catalog or watch one of our latest webcasts about the Customer Success Package (~30 min).