3A1 SOAP Impl - Plz Help

Hi All,

I have got a new requirement as below.

We had already RN implemented 3A1 PIP with external partner in which we use process model and RN concepts to post 3A1 xml as RNO, and receive ACK and 3A1 confirmation.

But now, my client has implemented one internal tool with java webservices and want to do some test with my wM application.

  1. Here I need to post 3A1 xml as SOAP message to their Internal tool url ( One more point here is, they will not just accept the SOAP message, they said it should be in “eb” constructed tags. below I just pasted some block of SOAP header data)


  1. After receiving the 3A1 data as above from my application, then they will again send the ACK message (in same “eb” constructed tags).

  2. After processing the data internally this internal tool again sends 3A1 RESPONSE data to my wM application for which I need to submit (PUSH) ACK message back to them.

I just know how to implement webservices (both Producer and consumer webservices), but not sure how to proceed to implement the above requirement.

Can any one of you please guide me on this impl?

Appreciate your valueble help.


This seems a interesting one, but couple of questions upfront so with this new Webservice implementation do you still planning to use process models for business actions??

As far as implementation in terms of WS is concerned, its not a tough task… you need to work and finalise the SOAP data to be exchanged (eb constructed), then i would suggest u to implement this in a refrence process model where u can join the response document to the already running process steps (in the main process model).


Hi Dev,

thanks for your reply and Great to hear this news.

Acually we can generate the soap message but not sure how to format this to eb constructed tags. Anyways I am checking this with concerned team.

Meantime, can you please brief me on implmentation procedure fot this. Generally we use some built in service of RN concepts to send the data to partner (data would be in form of RNO) and it internally takes care of conversation IDs etc… Can we get this same functionality to impls this SOAP process as well.

Please give me a brief idea on impl.

if possible, without using process model also :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hi dev,

For your reference I have attached sample 3a1 SOAP message to be send from my wM to internal tool and receiptACK we received as response.

Please guide.

3A1 SOAP to send.txt (2.06 KB)
ReceiptACK.txt (1.13 KB)